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Self-Centering and Compensating Chuck Clamps Any Shape with 4x Less Deformation

SMW Autoblok introduces the versatile four-in-one Centco4 2+2 self-centering and compensating chuck.

The Centco4's engineering and flexibility enables it to securely and efficiently clamp virtually any type or shape of geometric part including round, cubic, angular and irregular.

The Centco4 is available in both power and manual models and is ideal for deformation-sensitive workpieces. The 4-jaw Centco4 provides four times less deformation as compared with three-jaw clamping and can be used on all industry-specific machine tools. The ability to handle virtually any part shape means fewer chuck change-outs and vastly reduced downtime. Diverse manual and hydraulic applications include turning, milling, inspection and finishing operations.

"Some of the many Centco4 benefits are that it features two independent self-centering and compensating jaws and single wedge actuation that eliminates the need for a dual-piston cylinder," said Larry Robbins, president of SMW Autoblok's Commercial division. "The precision product delivers unlimited flexibility and is perfect for Aerospace and Automotive companies who are looking for one standard chuck that can clamp any part geometry."

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