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New Partnership to Produce Low-Cost 3D Prototypes

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) recently announced a distribution partnership with BASF 3D Printing Solutions (BASF 3DPS). CI's high temperature Small Area Additive Manufacturing (SAAM HT) machine will now offer BASF 3DPS's ABS plastic, carbon fiber PET and recycled PET materials.

Ultrafuse® ABS is created from Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene polymers, and it's the #2 most used 3D printing material. Reasons for its popularity include its strong, flexible and heat-resistant nature, plus its light weight, abrasion resistance and affordability. It's ideal for those looking to manufacture low cost prototypes, or anyone who wants to create plastic products with ease.

Ultrafuse® PET CF15 from BASF 3DPS combines easy processability and low moisture uptake with excellent strength and rigidity, all at an affordable price point. With this PET material, users can 3D print new components that stay functional under high mechanical and thermal loads. It's well suited for the automotive industry, for jigs and fixtures and any applications with humid operating environments.

Finally, the SAAM HT machine will also offer Ultrafuse® rPET from BASF 3DPS. Nearly half of all total waste is generated by plastics, and 3D printing provides a big chance to add sustainability to manufacturing methods. This recycled PET looks and prints just like virgin material, and much like its PET alternative, rPET capably handles jig and fixture applications, automotive work and prototypes.

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