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New Grooving Systems Now Include Stationary Tools for Turning Operations

Guhring now offers a complete line of holders and inserts for boring, grooving, chamfering, threading, broaching and parting.

System 104 and System 106 grooving tools are used for small diameter internal bore machining and face grooving. System 104 accommodates bore diameters from 0.7mm, and System 106 accommodates bore diameters from 5mm. Applications include boring and profiling, internal grooving and threading, chamfering, face grooving, and broaching. Quick and simple tool changes are possible while maintaining axial repeatability of +/- 0.02mm. Insert holder options include universal square shank and round shank, as well as machine specific options. The holders are also available with or without internal coolant capability.

System 305 grooving tools are used for larger diameter internal and external machining operations. Applications include external and internal grooving and turning, face grooving, external threading, and parting off. This system utilizes a 12mm I.C. triangle insert with three cutting edges, with a maximum grooving depth of 5mm. The inserts utilize a neutral design for use in left-hand or right-hand holders. Various holders are available with or without internal coolant, including a unique holder option with a patented adjustable internal coolant feature.

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