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New EDM Technology Provides a "Spark" to the Industry

Scheduled to be released in mid-2020, GF Machining Solutions has introduced the AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 Pro wire-cutting electrical discharge machining (EDM) solution with a new, easy-to-use interface.

As the fourth industrial revolution -- or Industry 4.0 -- reshapes the way manufacturers work, GF Machining Solutions is continually striving to provide solutions that advance flexibility, productivity, speed and quality. The AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 Pro and its new human-machine interface (HMI) will do just that.

Whether the machine operator is used to working with the Vision interface or is an experienced machinist accustomed to ISO programming, the object-oriented HMI represents an unprecedented alternative that enables the highest productivity:

Spark Track: Pushing the Limits of Wire EDM

In addition to the new HMI, the CUT P 550 Pro will feature GF Machining Solutions' new Spark Track technology, a wire-cutting EDM breakthrough in monitoring spark distribution along the wire.

Spark Track technology, with its state-of-the-art Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) module, makes the wire EDM process more secure, efficient and easy to execute. The ISPS system allows users to avoid any wire breakage -- regardless of machining conditions -- while enabling increased performance.

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