World's Smallest Vector Scanning Laser Marking Head

FOBA's Titus™ is the smallest, lightest and easiest to integrate laser marking head in the industry. Next to its revolutionary vector scanning marking head, the new system features two laser power levels, two beam orientations as well as two fiber laser umbilical lengths with one being 10m and thus unique in the market.

The new marking laser comes with a wide range of industrial protocols and clamp'n go bracketry which makes it perfect for easy and quick installation in industrial production lines. Rated IP69, it is even set up for installation in harsh environments. This new generation of marking lasers will redefine line compatibility, ease of installation and product changeover, usability and serviceability.

FOBA's product range embraces marking laser rails as well as the M-Series laser marking stations which are available with fiber or with UV laser heads. An M2000 marking station will be on show, equipped with a vision system directly integrated in the marking head which is used for automated part recognition and mark alignment. Special features of FOBA's camera-controlled marking units are the Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) as well as Mosaic, a marking feature for highly efficient mark alignment without part fixtures.

FOBA primarily addresses machine and electronics manufacturers as well as suppliers to the automotive industry. Mechanical and machine line integrators engineering and the electronics manufacturing industry, as well as the automotive and medical industry, are the main target markets for FOBA.

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FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving

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[World's Smallest Vector Scanning Laser Marking Head]

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