Air-Powered Spray Products Remove Rust; Clean, Protect and Preserve Metal Finishes

Cortec® Corporation has unveiled its newly revamped EcoAir® line of surface prep and rust prevention products packaged in eco-friendly bag-on-valve spray cans. These cans are powered by air rather than traditional flammable propellants and contain some of Cortec's most popular corrosion solutions.

The EcoAir® line includes options for biobased rust removal, water-based void space protection, and water-based cleaning/degreasing with flash rust protection. Of special note is the newest addition to the collection -- EcoAir® Tool & Die -- a rust preventative specifically designed for easier application and cleanup in the tool and die industry.

The fresh new EcoAir® package design and labeling make it straightforward and easy for users to know how each product is applied and whether it is intended to "Clean," "Protect," and/or "Preserve" metals.

The portable cans are convenient for maintenance personnel, production employees, or preservation specialists to use for a variety of cleanup, rust removal, and rust prevention activities around the shop, on the production floor, or in remote preservation conditions where electrical-powered application equipment may not be an option.

The newly redesigned EcoAir® line includes the following:

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[Air-Powered Spray Products Remove Rust; Clean, Protect and Preserve Metal Finishes]

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