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New Artificial Intelligence Vision Sensor Allows Users to "Teach" Images of Good and Bad Parts

KEYENCE Corporation of America recently released a new vision sensor which utilizes artificial intelligence.

The new IV2 Vision Sensor Series continues KEYENCE's trend of innovative new technology paired with ultimate usability. The artificial intelligence learning algorithm means that all customers have to do is teach images of good and bad parts -- no vision programming knowledge is necessary for stable results.

Commenting on the implications of this artificial intelligence algorithm, Technical Marketing Manager Phil Jarzombeck said, "The AI algorithm accounts for variations in lighting, part lot differences, and even oily and dirty parts. This increase of stability and simplicity will be felt across every industry that performs automated inspection."

The IV2 was designed so anyone can program a stable program. And when a new variation of a good or bad target comes down the line, the IV2 can register it to further increase stability and repeatability of judgement. In addition to the AI algorithm, the IV2 will also include:

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