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New Video Tool Analyzer Inspects All Tool and Part Geometries

Winslow Engineering's new Model 560G Video Tool Analyzer provides an easy to use optical inspection device for inspecting cutting tool and part geometry.

The Model 560G Video Tool & Part Analyzer permits rapid precise inspection of all tool/part geometry characteristics in new tool, tool regrind, and part manufacturing.

The vision system uses a series of lenses and a digital camera. The image of the tool being inspected is displayed on the video monitor. A Windows® compatible software inspection program is displayed on the monitor where the tool/part inspection is performed.

The base features camera travel 18.5" X axis, 6.38" Y axis, and 7" Z axis, allowing inspection of larger tools or parts on the 560G Video Tool & Part Analyzer. The footprint for the 560G is approximately 24" x 28". The inspection surface is a 12" x 24" granite plate.

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