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Power Bar Takes Clamping to a New Level

Mitee-Bite Products has introduced the Power Bar™ -- a platform that can save time, material costs and easily solve many of your workholding needs.

The Power Bar™ is a modular platform designed to elevate your capabilities with some of the strongest clamps in today's market.

Utilizing any of the DK model OK-Vise® Wedge Clamps or the largest Mitee-Bite Pitbull® Clamps, manufacturers are able to elevate their workpiece for mill/drill through operations.

For added versatility, the platform is precisely ground to the same height as the Mitee-Bite In-line Clamps and Stops, Multi-Fixture Clamps and Stops, and Modular Pitbull® clamps. Designed for demanding operations, it is ideal for running in a series for large aerospace and automotive applications.

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