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Mazak Expands Rebuild Department; Can Now Return Repaired Spindle in 3-5 Days

With the expansion of its industry-leading Spindle Rebuild Department, Mazak is attempting to reset the bar for efficiency and quality in OEM-factory-certified spindle rebuild services.

The expanded and newly updated department, which will now be located in the South Building on Mazak's Kentucky manufacturing campus, will further improve the company's ability to quickly deliver spindles and reduce customer downtime.

The grand opening of the new Spindle Rebuild Department will take place during the company's DISCOVER 2019 event, which will be held on November 4-15 at the Kentucky manufacturing campus.

DISCOVER 2019 attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Spindle Rebuild Department, which supports every Mazak machine tool spindle in North America -- over 2,000 different models covering a wide range of horsepower ratings and speeds. As a cost-effective option for its customers, the expanded department will keep upwards of 1,000 rebuilt spindles in stock and ready for exchange, particularly those found in Mazak's most popular machine models.

To guarantee that all original spindle specifications are met or exceeded, experienced factory-trained technicians use only genuine Mazak replacement parts to rebuild Mazak spindles. These experienced technicians perform every stage of the repair and rebuild process, provide complete trackable spindle documentation and conduct stringent testing of every spindle, all within the short turnaround time. The expansion will not only make room for additional technicians but will also allow the department to boost its rebuild output to 100 spindles per month.

"Mazak's Spindle Rebuild Department leverages over 30 years of spindle build expertise to offer the industry's best spindle warranty," said Matt Whissel, spindle repair manager for the Mazak Spindle Rebuild Department. "We understand our customers don't have time to wait, and Mazak is truly committed to doing whatever we can to support these customers. And with our new facility, we have the capacity to return repaired spindles in three to five days and ship remanufactured spindles in less than 24 hours."

To reach that level of efficiency, Mazak has significantly expanded the new spindle department's work area, and the clean, bright and ergonomic workspace will streamline rebuild operational flow, efficiency and speed, as will its closer proximity to the Mazak Parts Department in the South Building. To further streamline its spindle rebuild process, Mazak has also incorporated new advanced technologies, including spindle balancing units and other process systems intended for accommodating larger spindles.

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