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New Wire EDM Machine Features Revolutionary Voice Command Control

The U6 H.E.A.T. machine achieves new levels of productivity, operational economy, and operator usability.

The Hyper-i control utilizes an intuitive touch screen interface that functions like a smart phone using a large 24" HD display. The control has been streamlined to reduce the number of inputs required for common tasks, and advanced help functions such as EDM Assist and E-Tech Doctor have been developed to support operators of all skill levels.

The integration of ATHENA technology provides revolutionary voice control of the machine, helping to further improve efficiency.

The machine is configured with (x2) high capacity CNC controlled Flush Pumps for enhanced efficiency and contains a large (x4) filter filtration system that features an Air Purge function for safer filter replacement.

Makino is also introducing a new H.E.A.T. technology that will increase machining speeds (x2) to (x3) times faster than traditional 0.010" Ø wire operations without increasing Wire Consumption.

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