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New Laser Sensor Simplifies Pass/Fail Part Inspections

KEYENCE Corporation of America has released the IX Series, a new Image-Based Laser Sensor.

By combining a camera with a laser, users can now determine part position prior to performing laser inspection, reducing hardware and installation costs. The IX Series will retain the quick-setup simplicity for which Keyence products have become known.

On the impact of KEYENCE's IX Series, Technical Marketing Manager Phil Jarzombeck said, "The IX Series will greatly simplify pass/fail inspections of components by not only allowing for target position variation but also allowing for multiple inspections to be performed at once. Upon demonstration, potential users will quickly realize how over-engineered their current inspection processes are."

The IX Series was designed to tackle 4 types of inspection situations: Unrepeatable target locations, reference height checks, low-contrast targets and inspections of multiple areas at once:

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