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New Controller Offers Large Color Touch Screen and IIoT Connectivity

Wintriss Controls Group recently introduced its new SmartPAC PRO press automation controller.

The SmartPAC PRO features a large, easy-to-use vivid touch screen interface, dual-core processors, user-configurable dashboards, virtually unlimited tool setup storage, the ability to share setups among networked SmartPAC PRO units and more.

The company recently exhibited the SmartPAC Pro press automation controller at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta.

"We saw significant interest from current customers and new prospects seeking a powerful level of press control capability," said Mr. Mark Hatch, President of Wintriss Controls. "Customers who have come to appreciate the reliability of SmartPAC controllers will find a host of new features that can substantially improve their metal stamping operations."

The SmartPAC Pro's new tool summary screen enables users to view the entire contents of each programmed setup on a single screen, providing users the ability to place notes for the job, and all content can be exported to a USB disk as comma-separated values.

Users can also create custom home screen dashboards to display the information they use most often. These dashboards can be named and saved in the favorites menu, and quickly recalled at any time.

The new SmartPAC PRO architecture supports advanced connectivity features such as remote access from PCs and mobile devices, email messaging, and compatibility with Wintriss's IIoT production tracking OEE ShopFloorConnect™ software solution.

A Wonderware™ hosting option enables the SmartPAC PRO to run independently-created third-party HMIs for associated automation, reducing the number of screens required on the press.

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