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Data-Lock Ensures 100% Security at High RPM

No one wants to see a data chip containing painstakingly gathered information go flying across the room or machine. Or even worse, see that data chip propelled out of the tool holder at high velocity right at them! The plain truth is, gluing a data chip in place is not a foolproof system.

The engineers at Haimer were convinced there had to be a better way, so they came up with theData-Lock, a mechanical locking system that guarantees RFID chip security.

The innovative system uses seal rings to lock the carrier in the sleeve and then clamps it solidly into the toolholder by means of a form and press fit.

This patent-pending mechanical locking system provides the highest process reliability possible, especially when dealing with extremely high spindle speeds (over 20,000 RPM). Less integration depth than comparable mechanical locking systems makes for a better reading/writing process.

The entire toolholder assembly, including the data carrier assembly, comes finely balanced and ready for immediate use, even for non-HAIMER holders.

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