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Top 10 Downloaded Machine Tool Apps

Using apps on a daily basis has become a "must-have" for many people because they make our lives easier and increase our personal productivity. In manufacturing environments, "machine tool apps" are becoming popular for exactly the same reasons. The folks at Okuma have put together their list of the top apps downloaded in 2018.

MTConnect Agent & Adapter: The Okuma MTConnect Adapter is able to continuously monitor machine operating state and other data such as feed rate or cutting time. The agent then makes that information readily available over a network connection using an industry standard format that's open and compatible with a wide range of software.

Using MTConnect is simplified when using this app on Okuma's P-Series controls. Since networking capabilities are standard with the P-series control, and the control already has access to machine data, getting MTConnect running on an Okuma is a simple process.

SCOUT: The System Compatibility Output Utility is designed to quickly identify if your machine is compatible with App Store apps. It offers a detailed report of your system's configuration and a list of all available apps with their current compatibility status for your machine tool.

Okuma THINC Startup Service: The Okuma THINC Startup Service (TSS) launches Machine Tool Apps after the OSP and THINC API have fully started. Many apps depend on those systems and cannot function correctly until they are started. The TSS does the work of monitoring them so app developers don't have to be burdened with this task. Developers need only to register their apps with the TSS, and it will check the machine's conditions for the developer and launch apps at the appropriate times.

Renishaw Set and Inspect: Renishaw's Set and Inspect is a simple, intuitive, on-machine probing app for customers who desire an easy-to-use probing solution. Integrated help allows the user to easily create probing routines, whether they are manually run, single cycles or fully automated probing programs. The app is perfect for users with no probing experience, or for existing probe users who want to simplify and revitalize their current probing system.

OSP Variables Manager: This app provides a user-friendly interface for working with common variables. It allows the user to focus on important variables, add comments to each variable, and revert to previous values. Variable values can be set directly, or by math operations. The import function automatically goes through the program to find the common variables used in it and adds them to the list.

View Control: Shop supervisors can use this app to block out certain parts of the control to various users. Machine operators can be assigned different access to the control depending on their capabilities. The level of access can be set by anyone designated within the software as a supervisor.

Machine Alert: With this app you can give your Okuma machine tool the capability to let you (and others) know immediately when there is a problem with production. The Machine Alert System can be configured to send detailed status information and even screenshots via email or text messages to mobile devices.

Okuma OSP Message: Have you ever used the command M00 to program stop and put in text for what the CNC operator should do next? Then Okuma OSP Message could be just what you need. This easy-to-use application reads your text inside the parentheses of your M00 command and displays the text as a prompt on the CNC screen.

Scytec MTConnect Data Viewer: The Scytec MTConnect Data Viewer provides a simple, real time view of MTConnect data from an MTConnect Agent. MTConnect can be used by an application such as Scytec DataXchange to monitor machine utilization as well as feed rate overrides, alarms, along with a variety of other data points.

Scheduled Maintenance: This application shows a reminder of the scheduled maintenance for the specific machine where the application is installed and gives the user the opportunity to show a daily reminder of inspection tasks to be performed prior to the daily use of the machine. The goal here is to help keep your Okuma machines running at top performance.

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