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New 3-Axis and 4-Axis Mill Post Processor Optimizes the SINUMERIK 808D Control

CNC Software, Inc., producers of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, announces a 3-axis and 4-axis milling post processor that will unleash the highest productivity on SINUMERIK-controlled machine tools. This new post processor was developed utilizing the technical expertise of Siemens CNC engineers.

This post processor provides 3- and 4-axis support for SINUMERIK 808D CNCs from Siemens. Some features include:

"The development of this new 3-axis and 4-axis post for Mastercam 2019 and the markets that need the 808D Control demonstrates our ongoing relationship with Siemens, to bring the highest productivity gains to machine tools. This partnership began more than two years ago with the release of our 3-axis milling 828D/840D post processor for Mastercam 2017," says Post Department Manager Pedro Sanchez, Jr., of CNC Software, Inc.

It is cooperation like this that provides Mastercam users the opportunity to truly complement their CAM investment and give their shops the best chance at a more efficient manufacturing solution, from design to part.

Chris Pollack, Virtual Technical Application Center Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc. comments, "With a strong continued collaboration, we're able to optimize product performance for both the Mastercam software as well as the SINUMERIK control. This allows our mutual customers to achieve the very best out of their resources." Pollack continues, "Seeing what we've already been able to accomplish, Siemens looks forward to continuing to help Mastercam create more advanced post processors in the future."

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