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New 150-Ton Hybrid Press Brake Runs Quieter and Uses Less Energy

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) introduced a 150-ton version of a new hybrid model press brake this week at FABTECH 2018 in Atlanta. Additional size models will be released in the future.

This hybrid press brake brings the advantages of servo-motor pump technology to CI's existing lineup of hydraulic and electric drive press brakes. The new drive allows it to run quieter and reduces operating cost with lower energy consumption and simplified maintenance.

Unlike fixed-speed induction motors that drive the pump in conventional hydraulic systems, the servo-motor driven pump only runs during the working portion of the stroke, conserving energy while the ram is stationary. In addition to energy savings, it requires less than 30 gallons of fire resistant, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

The hybrid press brake provides the productivity and versatility required by today's fabricators. Job setups are assisted with a graphical display of tool locations, photo and video attachments, hydraulic tool clamping and programmable crowning. Ram speed of 550 ipm and precision ram repeatability of +/-.0002" assure fast and consistent production. The generous 14" stroke and 21" open height tackle challenging part shapes and tool heights.

New features found on this press brake are an ergonomic sliding overhead control arm, unique built in storage cabinets, LED lighting, protective cylinder covers and side and rear guards. CI's CIberlink generates daily log files of machine production with the ability to monitor machine status in real time on a desktop dashboard.

Incorporating the best of the current press brake lineup, this hybrid design includes CI features such as a 22" touchscreen control, bend simulation software with 3D part views, interlocked frame members, programmable ram tilt and CI's exclusive six axis linear motor backgage.

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