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FlexLoader Can Be Taught New Workpiece in 10 Minutes; Increases Tool Utilization by 60%

ABB is setting new standards in flexible machine tool tending with the FlexLoader SC 3000 -- a standardized and flexible solution that increases machine tool utilization by as much as 60 percent while reducing operating costs.

The key characteristics of this model are its great modularity, small footprint and ease of use.

The control and communications with the robot are intelligently integrated into the software, providing a simple and intuitive programing experience when introducing new workpieces to the system. Not only making this one of the most flexible systems on the market but also one of the easiest-to-use operator interfaces on the market, teaching of a new workpiece is now possible in less than 10 minutes.

The FlexLoader SC 3000 is a pre-engineered, well-tested and reliable automation solution with safety built in. Modularity means users can customize the robot cell to meet any need, for example workpieces can be loaded by conveyor or drawer.


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