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Hybrid 3D Printer Ideal for Large-Scale Metal Additive Applications

3D-Hybrid's Metal 3D Printing Tool is one of the largest and fastest Metal 3D Printers with full in-process machining capability, according to Karl F. Hranka, founder of 3D-Hybrid Solutions.

Takumi USA will showcase the Metal 3D Printing Tool at IMTS 2018.

"With Takumi's large double-column machining center and 3D-Hybrid's economical Wire-Arc Additive tool, we will be breaking new ground in the market for a high precision, lower cost metal 3D Hybrid machining center," said Hranka.

The Takumi H12 double-column machining center is the perfect platform to accept the integration of the additive process, due to the large work envelope and high-speed machining capabilities.

"Large-scale metal additive manufacturing applications will be realized with the technology on Takumi's machine." added Hranka. The demonstration at IMTS will be focused on matching with the machine's strengths for producing very large high precision parts found in the tooling, mold and die industries.

Why Hybrid?

Consolidating 3D-Hybrid's Additive Manufacturing Tool with a CNC machine is filled with value propositions:

Production metal 3D printed parts require post machining to be joined to mating parts. 3D-Hybrid embraces that and is focused on evolving and advancing directed energy deposition technologies as 3D tools for the CNC environment.

The company offers three metal AM technologies for CNC machines: Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing, Laser Metal Deposition and Cold Spray. Together these technologies can handle almost any metal AM application and alloy.

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