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3D Systems' Updated Software Improves CAD/CAM Process for Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

At IMTS 2018, 3D Systems will showcase three new software releases -- 3DXpert™ 14, GibbsCAM® 13, and Cimatron® 14.

3DXpert™ 14 -- the All-in-One Software for Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

3D Systems will announce and demonstrate 3DXpert 14 -- its newest version of its all-in-one Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) software. The enhancements to 3DXpert 14 are focused on facilitating the entire production cycle and will support manufacturers as they transition from using additive manufacturing for prototyping to full production applications.

3DXpert 14 helps print managers optimize total cost of operation (TCO) through reduced print times, material consumption and post-processing labor requirements.

3DXpert 14's intelligent multi-head control and auto-balancing set a new standard for performance. Through enhanced control including laser synchronization, gas flow and correct hatching order, 3DXpert 14 shortens the print time for high quality large parts while helping maintain material integrity.

With version 14, 3DXpert continues to streamline the DfAM workflow allowing the user to optimize their process and lower total cost of operation, critical for additive manufacturing profitability.

GibbsCAM® 13 Delivers New Power

At IMTS 2018, 3D Systems is announcing GibbsCAM® 13 -- the newest version of its GibbsCAM CAM programming software. This release includes key enhancements throughout the product that further streamline the programming of CNC machining centers. Building from the recent interface improvements, GibbsCAM 13 continues to increase functionality while maintaining the intuitive workflow that has made GibbsCAM a cornerstone in the CAM software world.

Several new features in GibbsCAM 13 include:

Cimatron® 14 Helps Manufacturers Improve Productivity

At IMTS 2018, 3D Systems will showcase the latest version of its Cimatron CAD/CAM solution that that addresses the entire toolmaking process. From tool design to NC programming, Cimatron 14 helps manufacturers improve productivity and maintain competitive advantage.

NC programmers will benefit from faster and easier programming with the new feature-based machining, as well as faster machining time and better surface quality.

Die makers will be able to run a simulation to calculate accurate trim lines and accurate springback effects in order to reduce or eliminate the number of tryouts using the new integrated offering with ProgSim (from Autoform) Simulation. And finally, mold makers will be introduced to new features that enable faster, easier mold design.

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