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New 6-Axis Robots Offer Fastest Operating Speed in Class

In response to the rising demand for fast, flexible and compact industrial robots, Kawasaki has developed two 6-axis vertically articulated robots with a maximum payload capacity of 7 kg and different reach.

Kawasaki's RS007L



The RS007N and RS007L models are the latest additions to the company general-purpose R series line of small-to-medium payload (3-80 kg) robots, which offers excellent functional and environmental performance for assembly, material handling, machine tending and other applications.

Both the Kawasaki RS007N and RS007L robots continue to offer the operational advantages of the R series robots while incorporating a newly redesigned arm structure and main-unit weight reductions. According to the company, these enhancements result in the fastest operating speeds in these robots' class (12,100 mm/s) along with increased working ranges.

By redesigning the arm structure and adjusting the acceleration rates in accordance with load weights and robot positioning, these models also offer consistently optimized performance by significantly reducing cycle times.

Kawasaki's RS007N



The RS007N robot features a 730 mm reach and the RS007L a 930 mm reach for greater flexibility in production facility layouts. By utilizing a cantilever design for the upper arm section, Kawasaki has achieved a longer maximum reach and an expanded range of motion: below, behind and in the immediate vicinity of the robot.

Additionally, these floor or ceiling mount models are designed to house vision cables, sensor harnesses, air lines and other components inside the arm structure. This prevents interference with and from peripheral equipment, thus allowing for operation in tight installation spaces.

The RS007N and RS007L robots feature a double-seal construction on all axes and waterproof electrical connections, offering an IP67 classification for the wrist and IP65 for the remaining axes. This first rate environmental protection means the robots are protected against large quantities of dust, water, lubricants, coolants, and can even withstand high surface temperatures and temporary submersion.

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