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Integrated, User-Friendly Loading of Machine Tools Using Robots

Fully automated production operations require robots at machine tools for simple and flexible loading and unloading. However, manufacturers are always trying to keep the costs for training personnel to operate the robots to a minimum.

A simple and flexible solution to this dilemma is Siemens' SINUMERIK Integrate RunMyRobot, which allows robots to be seamlessly integrated into the production landscape.

This software ensures seamless communications between every component involved in a typical automation solution including HMI (operator control and visualization) and I/O. Additional higher-level functions, including Safety Integrated telegrams and synchronized mechanisms for even the highest level control applications are also included.

The RunMyRobot technology package facilitates high-speed workpiece and tool handling. Operation, retraction, teach-in and diagnostics can be achieved from the SINUMERIK 840D sl operator panel, which increases the efficiency and flexibility of the machine tool.

As a result, the robot can be flexibly added to handle part loading and unloading. Just like every other unit at the machine, it can be operated from the SINUMERIK Operate graphical user interface, which operators feel comfortable with since it makes production automation extremely simple.

SINUMERIK Integrate RunMyRobot facilitates:

The Benefits

Robot loading and unloading has inherent advantages, such as the small space required and flexible handling. These strengths can be fully utilized with SINUMERIK Integrate RunMyRobot.

The solution is scalable -- from the automation of individual production islands up to a completely networked system. As a result, the automation of the part flow at the individual stations, and the complete production planning and control, the tool and resource management and also the maintenance can be optimized -- achieving the highest degree of production efficiency.

RunMyRobot: Advantages at a Glance:

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