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Certification of Industrial Vacuum Used for Reactive Metal Powders from 3D Printing

VAC-U-MAX has announced ATEX Certification for three of its compressed-air-powered (non-electrical) industrial vacuum cleaning systems for use in explosion-hazard environments.

ATEX Certification requires a third-party review and full testing of VAC-U-MAX equipment, not just the design paperwork. The testing organization, Intertek, located in Cortland NY, is a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) as designated by OSHA.

"This is a key factor because some organizations are touting ATEX Certification, but their NRTL is not recognized by OSHA," says David Kennedy, Director of Business Development for VAC-U-MAX. "Successful testing resulted in a 'Type Examination Certificate' in accordance with the latest revision of the EN ISO 80079-36 and EN ISO 80079-37.

VAC-U-MAX received ATEX approval for three product ranges of compressed-air-powered vacuums: the CD Series™ for Combustible Dusts, FL Series™ for Flammable Liquids and SR Series™ for Submerged Recovery applications such as reactive metal powders from 3D printing and explosives used in ordnance production.

Kyle Goltsch, VAC-U-MAX Mechanical Designer for the ATEX Certification effort added, "The submittal documentation such as the Ignition Hazards Analysis was a collective of our 65 years of experience in handling combustible dusts, resulting in a proof-of-design that passed the tests. It was gratifying that our standard products did not have to change to meet the latest ATEX standards -- in the end, all we needed were a few new labels."

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