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Chuck Change System Enables Fast, Fully Automated Workholding Changeovers

Positrol's Automation Chuck Change® System enables an industrial robot to fully automate workholding changeovers. This is accomplished without the need for indicating in the chuck before beginning machining operations.

The Automation Chuck Change® System is designed to provide a quick change solution for not only chuck mounting, but also includes support for a power actuated drawbar as well without sacrificing rigidity.

When paired with a robot, it operates as a fully automated cell where the robot not only loads and unloads parts but performs complete workholding changeovers without manual intervention. Through implementation of quick connects for both the chuck and drawbar, multiple operations can be run across the same spindle.

Positrol's Automation Chuck Change® System can be installed on lathes, mills, balancers, and gear equipment. It accommodates any drawbar and most common machine spindle sizes. Repeatability accuracy for the X, Y, and Z axes are within .0001" TIR and an angular repeatability within ±3 arc seconds. Sealed to account for chips and other contamination, Positrol's Automation Chuck Change® offers low maintenance, faster changeovers and fully automated machining capabilities.

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