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New Wire EDM Machine Designed for High-Precision Stamping and Fine Blanking Applications

Makino will introduce the new UP6 HEAT Wire EDM machine at IMTS that is designed for Ultra Precision machining.

The new machine is capable of achieving work piece positional accuracies of 1 micron (0.00004") while providing X/Y/Z travels respectively of 650 x 470 x 320mm (25.59" x 18.50" x 12.68"). The UP6 HEAT machine is designed for high precision stamping and fine blanking applications, and is ideally suited for electric motor stator die tooling.

The machine features a stationary work table design that helps improve positional accuracy, as the machine is moving the same mass regardless of work piece weight. The machine uses a programmable rise and fall 3-sided work tank that provides excellent ergonomic access to the work zone, and this configuration also simplifies requirements for automation.

The UP6 HEAT contains several features that are designed to provide the highest level of long-term thermal stability, such as integrating the water di-electric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, which also minimizes floor space requirements.

The machine employs active thermal cooling of the entire structure where chilled di-electric fluid is circulated through the casting to maintain a constant machine temperature. The UP6 HEAT uses the intuitive and revolutionary Hyper-i control that features a large 24" class HD touch screen that operates like a common smart-phone or tablet. The Hyper-i control delivers a common interface that is used on both Makino Wire and Sinker EDM machines. The machine also comes standard with the HyperConnect IIoT network connectivity function for remote machine monitoring and interconnectivity of all manufacturing information.

The UP6 HEAT will also feature a new Wire Drive and Wire Threading system, called HyperDrive Extreme, that improves the performance capabilities of the machine. The new Wire Drive system use a new AC motor tensioning system that expands the range and stability of wire tension, and also reduces the maintenance requirements. The new Wire Threading system provides both Jet and Jet-less threading modes, and can rethread the wire in the gap at a break point.

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