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Compact Feeder Replaces Manual Tending for Small to Medium-Sized Workpieces

ABB's FlexLoader FP 300 replaces manual tending and other feeders when a short cycle time is required.

FlexLoader FP 300 is quickly and easily installed or moved. The whole cell, including the robot, is built on a single baseplate and takes up very little space.

With the right robot and FlexLoader Vision system, the robot cell is very flexible. Workpieces are poured into a buffer, then vibrated forward to the camera conveyor belt where they are picked up automatically.

Like all FlexLoader robot cells, FlexLoader FP 300 is extremely easy to operate. It doesn't require any mechanical adjustments and changeover time is short. The operator will be able to teach in new workpieces in under 10 minutes for FlexLoader FP 300 after just a few days of training.

Other Benefits

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