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HMC's 6-Axis Milling Head and Water-Cooled Travelling Column Eliminate Lever Effect

Zimmermann will display a new horizontal machining center concept at IMTS 2018.

This new FZH model range is especially useful for efficient machining of standard components for the aerospace industry. It offers special patented features to eliminate the lever effect and improve pallet handling.

It can be equipped with the VH30/VH40 2-axis milling head for high precision and repeatability in the A- and C- axes or the new, patented M3ABC 3-axis milling head (A/B/C) which offers improved efficiency, especially when milling structural parts with its increased swiveling range. In tandem with the machine's X/Y/Z axis, this new B-axis head design allows fast, accurate 6-axis milling of aluminum and carbon fiber parts.

The FZH 6-axis, horizontal machining center features a patented, water-cooled travelling column. The column was redesigned to increase penetration into the material and expand the guide carriage distance. This increases the rigidity and eliminates the lever effect, ensuring a constant geometry along the Z-axis as well as maximum rigidity of the workpiece.

With the new M3ABC 6-axis machining capability, 5-sided machining is also made possible, without the use of angle heads. C-axis motion is reduced, as well.

New Head Design

The M3ABC head with B-axis radically improves the cutting time on pockets and other high contour material removal work, often found in the aerospace industry. 100 kW spindle power standard and 125 kW power are now in development.

The design of this machine and head speed production of such parts as wing, stringer and window frame sections.

Improved Pallet Handling

The FZH also features an integral pallet handling system which allows pallets to be changed during machine time. The patented handling system enables reliable transport of pallets without sagging, making it especially suitable for long pallets. Pallets are raised and lowered, so that the load is balanced, virtually eliminating bending and torsion forces. The design emphasizes maximum rigidity in the Z-axis, as the unit is a single moving mass with no Z-axis ram moving through the column.

The machine has a configurable modular design and is extremely compact. No special foundation is necessary; a standard factory floor is sufficient for anchoring. Users can put the machine into operation quickly with a good deal of flexibility in setup.

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