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9-Axis Turning Center Now Offers 3-Tool Simultaneous Machining

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom touts its BNE series for its high rigidity, heavy cutting capability and outstanding precision. The MSY model extends the ability of the BNE series with the adoption of an X3 axis on the back spindle (SP2) and synchronized / superimposed control for 3-tool simultaneous machining.

Faster cycle times, outstanding ease of- use and the ability to machine complex work pieces is the result.

The Mitsubishi M720VS Control system incorporates useful support screens for programming assistance. Information is presented in an easy-to-find manner, helping to improve operating convenience.

The machining diameter on SP2 has been increased to ø51mm, expanding the range of components that can be machined.

This CNC super turning center with 9-cutting axes has two spindles, one Y-axis slide and two 12-station turrets that can accommodate revolving tools with a high machining torque of 25 Nm at all 12 positions.

The unique tool holder mounting method using two guide pins makes it easy to mount and remove tool holders and ensure exceptionally high re-mounting accuracy.

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