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Optoflash Measures 100 Points in 2 Seconds

Marposs' OPTOFLASH is a precision measuring solution based on 2D optical technology. Recently launched, Optoflash is the newest and fastest addition to the Marposs' optical measuring line. It can measure small-size shafts and fasteners.

The speed and precision of the Optoflash enables 100 static measurements within 2 seconds at U95 = 1 µm + D/200 (D in mm).

Featuring a robust design, the systems can perform static and dynamic measurements in the production environment with the same quality as in the lab.

As the world's first measuring unit based on side-by-side 2D image architecture, the Optoflash can measure parts up to 300 mm in length without any vertical movement of the sensors or the part itself. These fixed position sensors eliminate mechanical stress, helping achieve consistent and stable performance over millions of cycles, as well as minimal maintenance requirements.

Available in three sizes, Optoflash systems can measure part lengths from 100mm to 300mm, and diameters of 60mm to 90mm. The system is designed for extreme flexibility making it well-suited for a wide variety of application requirements.

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