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Turning Tool's Precision Coolant Improves Chip Formation, Surface Finish, and Tool Life

The CoroThread® 266 thread turning tool from Sandvik Coromant is now available with precision over- and under-coolant to improve process security and maximize efficiency. The addition of over-coolant improves chip formation for more secure machining, while under-coolant controls temperature for long and predictable tool life. Precision coolant also has positive effects on surface finish, supporting the generation of high-quality threads.

"Process security and stability are paramount in thread turning operations to ensure the machining of 'right first time' threads, every time," explains Hampus Olsson, Product Manager Thread Turning at Sandvik Coromant. "Along with precision coolant, this is why CoroThread® 266 features the proprietary iLock™ interface between the holder and insert, which prevents cutting forces from causing micromovements of the insert in the tip seat. In addition, for applications where long overhangs are unavoidable, the use of dedicated, damped Silent Tools™ adapters provides a proven way to reduce vibration and maintain precision."

Ideal for external and internal thread turning, a wide standard assortment of insert thread profiles with dedicated grades and geometries is available for all materials.

Quick-change tool-holders with precision coolant include Coromant Capto® C3, C4, C5, and C6 for use with 16 mm (0.630 inch) inserts as well as QS™ shanks in 20 x 20 and 25 x 25 mm sizes with 16 mm (0.630 inch) and 22 mm (0.870 inch) inserts. For internal thread turning, a minimum hole diameter of 20 mm (0.790 inch) is required.

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