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New Electric Presses Offer "On-Board" Safety and Up to 100 Ton Capacity

R&B Machining, Inc. has officially launched its new line of all-electric, servo technology presses.

This new product line includes four standard models with 15, 30, 50, and 100 ton capacities. The presses are controlled with a standard Allen Bradley or optional Siemens PLC. The control system is a digital, Ethernet based control system with advanced diagnostics, maintenance reminders, and available production information. The presses are designed with automated cells in mind with the capability to load dies from the front or back of the machine.

R&B's CEO Joe Eramo states, "The new line of all-electric presses offers the latest in precision press technology using servo motor and drive technology and the latest in 'on-board' safety functionality. The machines utilize robust machine actuators which balance precision positioning with speed while providing cost effective screw life. The machines completely eliminate the need for hydraulic oil and results in lower daily power consumption with power on demand. The machine is available with several options including quick-change die features, interlocked safety maintenance blocks, die sensors, and lubrication system to name a few."

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