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High-Performance Lasers Ideal for Marking, Texturing Small, Intricate Parts

GF Machining Solutions is presenting two high-performance laser machining solutions for small, intricate parts -- the Laser P 400 U 5-axis machine and the ultra-fast Microlution ML-5 laser micro machining platform.

The LASER P 400 U machine includes a patented, dual laser head that incorporates both a fiber nanosecond laser and a femtosecond pulsed laser. This allows texturing, marking and engraving of a surface with a single setup, as well as extends the range of materials that can be processed. It is ideal for small components such as watches and jewelry as well as for cutting tools, small inserts and micro-machined workpieces.

With a footprint of only 48.4" x 87.8", the LASER P 400 U easily fits into existing production environments. It accommodates workpieces with a maximum diameter and height of 4.7" and is automation-ready for unattended night and weekend operations.

The microlution ML-5 ultrafast laser micro-machining platform is the first industrial-grade femtosecond laser platform capable of machining minute features with micron-level accuracy and repeatability in 24/7 manufacturing environments. ML-5's ultrafast lasers machine without creating a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), which makes them capable of achieving tolerances that would otherwise be impossible. The absence of thermal damage also eliminates post-processing in many applications to further reduce overall part cycle times.

The ML-5 has been widely adopted for several critical applications in automotive, medical and consumer product manufacturing, including drilling automotive fuel injector nozzles, machining medical catheter tips, cutting hardened glass used in mobile device displays and machining intricate watch gears.

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