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New Virtual Calculator Shows "Real-Time" Savings from Renishaw Scanning Probe

Coordinate measuring machine OEM AIMS Metrology has introduced a virtual calculator designed to help manufacturers find out in "real time" just how much money they will save with a Renishaw REVO 2 5-axis scanning probe. The Dayton, Ohio company designed its flagship CMM, the Revolution LM, around the REVO 2 which is equipped with an RVP vision probe. The RVP provides non-contact vision measurements on a 5-axis platform with infinite positioning.

The calculator is easy and quick to use. In the time it takes to plug in basic data -- current inspection method, average number of inspections per hour and average inspection time (in minutes) -- manufacturers can test their production parameters against the REVO-equipped LM. The screen can be refreshed for multiple uses with different data combinations.

As an example, a company that performs 60 inspections an hour and spends 1 minute per inspection without using a CMM could net an annual savings of $99,330 by switching to the REVO 2. To take the example a step further, a company that uses a manual CMM to perform 20 inspections an hour at 5 minutes per inspection, would save $155,550 with REVO 2.

Manufacturers that perform inspections with automated CMMs can also expect a savings with the REVO 2. For companies that use an automated CMM equipped with a conventional probe to perform 60 inspections per hour at one minute per inspection, a switch to REVO 2 captures a savings of $66,670.

The REVO 2 is designed to maximize CMM throughput while maintaining high system accuracy and uses synchronized motion as well as Renscan5 measurement technology to minimize the dynamic effects of CMM motion at ultra-high measurement speeds. The REVO 2 delivers high-performance scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish analysis making the LM a multi-solution inspection tool.

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