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Stingray Conveyor Ideal to Transfer Delicate or Unstable Products

ABCO Automation, Inc., announces the availability of Stingray, a robust, low-profile modular belt conveyor that employs micropitch plastic belts. Just as its name suggests, Stingray is powerful, yet gentle. This heavy-duty stainless-steel conveyor provides extremely reliable product transfer, smooth transitions, and product accumulation, making it ideal for delicate, small footprint, or unstable products that may be damaged by a conventional conveyor.

"We designed and built this custom conveyor to not only provide our clients with key features and options but to fill out our product line with a material handling solution that met ABCO's quality standards," says Jack Walsh, executive vice president sales and marketing, ABCO Automation. "Our clients expect only the best from us, whether in design, quality, or service -- and offering an ABCO designed, built, and supported conveyor further allows us to provide clients a single source for automation solutions."

Stingray is modular and scalable with sections available up to 20' and belt widths include 4, 8, 12, and 24 inches, allowing easy integration into virtually any floor space. In addition, conveyor sections easily accommodate 90° transitions for smooth, precise movement from one conveyor to another. Stingray includes these distinct features:

Stingray conveyors are pre-engineered, built to order, and available on a quick-ship basis from ABCO's Build-to-Print group.

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