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New Steel Drill More Cost-Effective Thanks to 3 Cutting Edges

With Mapal's new Tritan-Drill-Steel with three cutting edges, steel can be machined significantly more cost-effectively compared with drills with two cutting edges. Among other things, this is achieved thanks to the significantly higher feed values.

Previously drills with two cutting edges with a flat chisel edge were used for drilling steel. The required roundness and cylinder shape of the bore were not guaranteed due to an oscillating movement along the chisel edge. In addition, the cutting edges and the guiding chamfers were subjected to high mechanical loads. Oscillating movements are prevented with the new drill using three individual chisel edge segments that reliably center the Tritan-Drill-Steel.

The robustness of the Tritan-Drill-Steel is due to the completely newly designed main cutting edge design. The resulting very stable cutting edges reduce the mechanical loads. The coating is also specially adapted for the machining of steel. In this way, wear-resistance is significantly increased. The result of this is very long tool lives. Fast and reliable chip removal is also achieved by the shape of the main cutting edge that ensures short, tightly rolled chips and ground chip flutes.

Like the Tritan-Drill-Uni for universal use, the Tritan-Drill-Steel has also proven itself in difficult drilling situations, for example for cross bores or inclined bore entrances. For example, inclined boring up to 12° with a length of 5xD can be realized without problem.

The Tritan-Drill-Steel is available in the diameters 4 to 20 mm in designs of 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD.

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