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9-Axis Mill/Turn Center Produces Precise, Complex, Small Parts Quickly

The compact, high-precision Quicktech S-32 ATM 9-axis twin spindle mill/turn center combines integral-motor main- and sub-spindles with a 190° B-axis milling head and a fast automatic toolchanger to maximize output of small, complex parts.

Quicktech machines are distributed in North America exclusively by Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. Steve Ortner, president and owner of Absolute Machine Tools, said, "These compact, versatile machines enable manufacturers to produce precise, complex smaller parts quickly, with the added benefits of the accuracy and consistency that result from processing the parts on a single machine tool. This machine is ideal for medical applications, for example."

The S-32 ATM has 9 axes in total, including two turning spindles and a 190° B-axis milling spindle, serviced by a 24-tool arm-type automatic changer. Six fixed gang-type I.D. turning tools at sub-spindle result in a total capacity of 30 tools. The machine's compact 3750mm (150") x 2175mm (87") x 2025mm (81") dimensions (including chip conveyor) promote efficient use of manufacturing floor space.

Both the main spindle and sub-spindle feature 6,000 rpm, 5-hp high-torque integral motors and have 42mm collet chucks (or 5" 3-jaw hydraulic chucks) with capacity for 30mm bar stock. The spindles feature a continuous C-axis with a braking system and are fully synchronized for fast and accurate part transfer.

The S-32 ATM is built for precision and durability. The main and sub-spindles employ P4 high-precision bearings for stability and heavy cutting ability. The machine frame and all major components are heavy Meehanite cast iron. Large 35mm Hiwin roller-type linear guideways in all linear axes provide stability and permit heavier machining. Substantial 32mm ballscrews are double anchored, pre-tensioned and direct coupled to the machine's servomotors.

The mill/turn center is equipped with a Mitsubishi M830W control with a 475mm (19") LCD, and all spindles and axes employ Mitsubishi AC servomotors and amplifiers. Also available is a Fanuc OiT-F control with a 275mm (15") LCD and matching Fanuc motors and drives. Standard machine features include a bar feeder interface, parts conveyor and catcher, chip conveyor, collet chucks and a 400 psi coolant pump.

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