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Hybrid Machine Capable of Milling and 3D Printing on One Platform

OR LASER recently unveiled its latest metal AM development to the world for the first time -- the ORLAS CREATOR hybrid 3D printing and milling machine.

Hybrid Milling Illustration



The ORLAS CREATOR hybrid brings together the benefits of both additive manufacturing and subtractive manufacturing within a single platform to offer a comprehensive manufacturing solution. Simply put, the advantages of 3D printing complex metal components using the direct AM powder melting process in combination with the OR LASER's advanced milling capabilities for precision finishing ensure that the ORLAS CREATOR hybrid is a compelling manufacturing solution at an accessible price point for SMEs.

Moreover, the ORLAS CREATOR hybrid goes beyond the capabilities of classical milling/machining, whereby structures and surfaces that are not normally reachable (such as inside contours, undercuts or hidden cooling channels) can be milled effectively.

The ORLAS CREATOR Hybrid offers all of the outstanding 3D printing features of the classic CREATOR, including the full laser power of 250W at a spot of 40µm; laser processing speeds of 3500 mm/s; and a build platform 110 mm (diameter) with a maximum Z axis of 100 mm.

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