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The "Next Big Thing" in CAD Software

ANSYS SpaceClaim recently released 2017.2 -- the latest version of its CAD software. The newest version offers improved functionality including:

To download the latest version, current users can log into their myspaceclaim account, or from within the application go to SpaceClaim Options, Resources, Check for Updates.

If you are not a current SpaceClaim user, you can request a trial. Click below to start a trial of SpaceClaim.

Virtual Event: The Next Big Thing in Product Development from ANSYS

Years ago, the introduction of the SpaceClaim technology was groundbreaking in that it broke down many painful CAD and design barriers. It gave new meaning to interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use.

However, since the more recent ANSYS acquisition of the SpaceClaim product, many have pondered the long-term strategy and how this technology would fit into the ANSYS ecosystem.

On September 7th, ANSYS unveiled a new technology during a virtual event that answered some of those questions. This technology is a breakthrough that will further aid in design product development.

To view the virtual event, click below.

"Next Big Thing" Virtual Event

For trial offer, click below.


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