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Universal Machining Center Combines High-Precision, High-Speed Milling with Simple Turning Tasks

Avia's X-5 Millturn is a high-tech multifunction milling and turning center that has been designed for complex tasks using the latest metal-cutting technology.

The universal machining center combines high accuracy and high-speed milling capabilities with basic turning operations for complete machining on one machine. The spacious workpiece area features X/Y/Z travels of 1,300/700/710 mm, a working table with dimensions of 1,500x710 mm, a built-in rotary table diameter of 630 mm with DDM technology for 500 rpm, and a fast and precise milling spindle with 18,000 rpm and 130 Nm torque.

The machine also features continuous control of the B and C axes, the permanent locking of the B axis and the spindle for turning operations, and the latest Heidenhain TNC 640 CNC control for milling and turning.

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