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Heimatec Provides Comprehensive Adapter Solution for Big Kaiser Fine-Boring Heads

The Heimatec.u-tec changing system has been developed to enable time-saving tool changes for turning, drilling and milling operations.

The change-over inserts consist of a customer-specified tool holder and a cone that corresponds to a clamping collet according to DIN 6499.

In the Heimatec exchange system, the cone has been furnished with a polygon. This allows an enormous amount of force and torque transfer to be carried out during the machining and cutting process.

The new system enables rational, efficient and flexible processing as a result. Manufacturing companies using Big Kaiser fine boring heads can now operate these tools with the improved Heimatec.u-tec exchange system.

A variety of adapters are available for the Big Kaiser fine boring head sizes CKB1 to CKB5.

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