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Major Auto Manufacturer Changes Honing Fluid and Reduces Cost by 20%

The switch to the new fluid by a European automotive manufacturer also increased sump life by 38%. And maybe best of all, the change reduced the unpleasant odor.

A major global European manufacturer of engines and transmissions to the automotive industry was investigating solutions for their transmission gear honing operation.

Interior view of a transmission



The customer was looking to replace the competitive honing fluid and approached Quaker specifically to:

Quaker Chemical Corporation reviewed the customers concerns and recommended QUAKERCUT® 005 XP, a low viscosity, high performance neat cutting oil.

QUAKERCUT® 005 XP was chosen as a solution to reduce the customer's environmental footprint due to its advanced ester technology from renewable raw materials, biodegradability, high flashpoint for lower fire risk, and no labelling according to the new CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of chemicals).

A trial against a competitive fluid was initiated on the Nagel machines honing the inner diameter of transmission gears. Based on regular visits and excellent technical support, Quaker provided the monitoring and tracking tools for the customer.

Quaker's honing fluid provides high washing performance ensuring clean finishing stones or grinding wheels.



The customer was pleased with the results of the trial and extended the use of QUAKERCUT® 005 XP for use in all machines honing the inner diameter of transmission gears, as well as Thielenhaus machines honing bearing seats. By switching to QUAKERCUT® 005 XP, the manufacturer experienced the following advantages:

The Product

QUAKERCUT® 005 XP is a low viscosity, extra high performance neat cutting oil based on advanced ester technology from renewable raw materials. It is particularly suited for ferrous and non ferrous honing or grinding operations where good wetting ability is required. This wetting phenomena provides high washing performance ensuring clean finishing stones or grinding wheels.

Part of the QUAKERCUT® XP Series, QUAKERCUT® 005 XP has a proven track record of bringing operational, Health & Safety and environmental benefits to a broad range of customers in the automotive and mechanical industries.

The Expertise

Metalworking lubricants represent a very minor part of the costs in a metalworking process, typically less than one percent. This case illustrates the importance of correct fluid selection. The impact of the fluid can be a multiple of its costs, making the price of a metalworking fluid insignificant.

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