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Honing Tool Offers Soft Cutting Action for Superior Finish on Any Material

Brush Research Manufacturing recently introduced the Flex-Hone tool to the EMO audience. The Flex-Hone provides a flexible grinding and polishing instrument with gentle cutting properties.

Whether deburring a hole or blending an edge, the tool is said to provide a superior surface finish with a non-directional or cross-hatched pattern.

The brushing tool has been designed for a variety of automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial applications in sizes from 4 mm to 36 inches.

The finishing and deburring of parts takes place in a single set up. Fine grit hones in 400, 600 and 800 grits are available for finer surface finishing tolerances and are claimed to result in single-digit Ra level finishes. The tool thus comes in a wide variety of sizes, abrasives and grits to meet specific requirements.

In addition, diamond abrasive is also available to efficiently finish and produce the proper edge radius on harder materials such carbide, ceramic and aerospace steel alloys.

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