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Fine Grinding Machine Features New Twin Loader and Robot Cell

The Lapmaster Wolters AC Microline 1000-F fine grinding machine has been equipped with a new twin loader and robot cell.

Further key improvements include a center-fed height adjustment driven by a servo motor and a linear electrical unit to load and unload the carriers.

Peter Wolters AC 1000 double-side batch processing machine has been designed for high-precision series processing of work pieces. Due to its modular construction, AC 1000 can be used as a fine grinding, and honing machine.

Machine Features

Like all machines of the microLine© series, AC 1000 is based on tried and tested core components such as high-precision, pneumatic pressure system, non-contact micro measuring controller, powerful drive technology, and the PC assisted machine control. Software has been developed by Peter Wolters which makes it possible to intuitively operate the machine entirely by menus. Swivel mounted cabinet and frame allow access to the machine interior.

The machine is available with different rotating devices, drive powers and wheel speeds to match the widest possible range of work pieces. This ensures optimum machine configuration for every application.

AC 1000 can load and process work pieces with a maximum diameter of 320 mm and a maximum thickness of 100 mm.

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