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EMO Hannover Sparks Investment in the Billions

A veritable hotbed for business success; a fantastic window onto the global market; a pacesetter for the future of manufacturing -- those are just a few of the ways in which participating exhibitors described the outcome of EMO Hannover 2017. After six action-packed days, more than 2,200 international manufacturers of production technology left Hannover with full order books, in a highly optimistic frame of mind.

"More business, more international drawing power and more innovations: EMO has once again lived up to its reputation as the leading global tradeshow for the world of metalworking," remarked Carl Martin Welcker, General Commissioner for EMO Hannover 2017, adding that it was also the definitive exhibition for machine tool makers worldwide and a pacesetter for the future of production technology.

Welcker also pointed out that EMO had had a major impact on business activity, quoting a survey in which EMO visitors indicated their intent to invest a total of over 20 billion euros in production technology over the course of the next 24 months. Deals worth 8 billion euros were sealed during the one-week event.

Production Pros Turn to EMO for Orientation on the Shape of Things to Come

Foreign industry professionals attended EMO Hannover to get a grip on the future of manufacturing. More than half of the show's total of approx. 130,000 attendees came from abroad, with 70 percent of these foreign visitors originating from European countries. Attendance from Asia rose sharply.

Alongside digitization and connectivity, additive manufacturing was also very high on the agenda for a great many EMO visitors. Mirroring the interests of a fifth of the show's attendees, Dr. Alexander Krupp, Application Engineer at Multiphoton Optics GmbH based in Würzburg, Germany, said: "As an applications engineer in a firm that produces 3D printers for high-precision parts manufacturing, my main reason for attending EMO Hannover 2017 was to see what is happening in the additive manufacturing sector, and get to know the new technologies. I need to assess the current state of the art, and for the world of metalworking, there is no better place to do this than at EMO Hannover."

Sharp Upswing in Visitors Playing a Major Role in Purchasing Decisions

The increasing global drawing power of EMO was matched by the decision-making caliber of its attendees. Many exhibitors enthusiastically spoke of the in-depth, high-caliber nature of the talks in which they engaged with customers and prospects from around the world.

"We had more than 400 inquiries by day two of the show, and this trend has continued very nicely," commented Norbert Teeuwen, President and COO at Okuma Europe GmbH (the European subsidiary of Okuma Corporation, Japan), adding: "In comparison with recent fairs, we were delighted -- even a bit surprised -- to see a much higher number of conversations turning into firm orders. Customers from Central and Western Europe have less of a tendency to order directly at the fair, but we had visitors from Eastern EU countries or the Russian-speaking part of the world, for example, approaching us with some very specific requests, which was highly satisfying."

According to the EMO visitor survey, nearly 60 percent of the show's attendees were of managerial status, while more than half were found to play a decisive role in their organizations' purchasing decisions.

Hub for Dialogue and Networking

Thanks to its winning exhibitor lineup, attractive supporting program and -- last but not least -- upbeat spirit, EMO Hannover 2017 also proved to be unsurpassed as a hub for dialogue and networking. In the words of Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of the Motion Control Business Unit at Siemens AG in Erlangen, Germany: "EMO Hannover 2017 has once again lived up to its reputation as the leading global marketplace for anything and everything to do with machine tools. For Siemens, this is the ideal hub for dialogue with our customers from all over the world."

Save the date -- the next EMO Hannover will be staged September 16-21, 2019.

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