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Box Furnace Offers Faster Heat Up/Cool Down Cycles – Reduces Wait Time Between Loads

Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. is offering an electric ceramic fiber lined box furnace that was recently ordered by leading U.S. stamping manufacturer of automotive products.

Model LI7-M18, with a chamber size of 12" W x 18" L x 18" H, quickly heats to a uniform 2200°F.

A hotface of 2" ceramic fiber insulation with 3" coldface mineral wool block insulation around the entire chamber maximizes heating efficiency with low power input. Ceramic Fiber insulation, with low heat storage and low thermal conductivity combined with high thermal shock resistance, allows faster heat up/cool down cycles, reducing wait times between loads resulting in increased production.

Heavy gauge coil wound Kanthal A1 iron-chromium-aluminum wire heating elements are supported on ceramic rods effecting rapid heat up.

Elements, mounted on both side walls, can be easily replaced individually, savings costs. A 1" thick hearth plate protects the floor insulation and supports up to 40 lbs. per square foot of hearth area. Temperature is monitored by a rear mounted Type K thermocouple and regulated by a Honeywell DC2500 microprocessor based digital time proportioning temperature controller.

An insulated horizontal swing door with a tight seal comes standard with safety switch. Ceramic Fiber lined furnaces are general purpose box furnaces for batch heat treating in air atmosphere.

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