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Pitbull Clamps Strong Enough to Hold a Lion

Mitee-Bite's revolutionary Pitbull® Clamp remains the lowest profile, highest holding force clamp in the industry today, according to the company. The clamp is available in 5 sizes and several styles -- a tool steel knife edge for aggressive stock removal, a tool steel blunt edge for general purpose, a brass version to help prevent marring the workpiece and a machinable version.

The clamps were recently used for a project involving a lion's head.

The 200 pound piece of titanium was designed and machined at Titans of CNC -- one of the top machinists/engineers in the business using advanced techniques, high speed machining and creative processes to compete globally.

Titans of CNC used Mitee-Bite's Machinable Pitbull® Clamps for the project. Each of the 10 clamps produced over 12,000 pounds of pressure -- one of the strongest fixtures seen in the industry today.

Other features of the Pitbull Clamps include:

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