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New Website Offers Better Ways to Improve Efficiency and Safety in Your Plant® is the new digital home of Intelligent Compressed Air® products for industry.

EXAIR's new website has improved the product selection process by providing descriptions immediately from the homepage. An improved account management and ordering process streamlines access to historical orders, allows one click repeat orders and eases editing of your information.

This website is fully responsive to provide a consistent experience whether using a PC, tablet or smartphone. A comprehensive search functionality enables users to quickly locate model numbers and related information.

In addition to these new features, continues to provide the critical tools any user will need for a successful application: 3D models and CAD drawings, product videos, complete performance data, installation and maintenance guides, air savings calculators, case studies, slide presentations and a huge application database to learn what these Intelligent Compressed Air® products can achieve.

An expert level of customer support from experienced Application Engineering staff is available immediately through online chat. The FAQ section covers every product line for fast access to common questions.

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