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Quick Change System Reduces Jaw Change-Over Time to 5 Seconds

SCHUNK PRONTO quick change jaw system could shave minutes off of your current set-up times, drastically improving your productivity.

In addition to the time-saving benefits, there is also considerable versatility and extended clamping range to the PRONTO quick change system. The complete system is suitable for O.D. clamping of machined and finished parts and consists of support jaws and clamping inserts that have a clamping range of up to 16mm without having to reset the supporting jaw -- a 300 percent increase on the standard clamping range.

The PRONTO quick change jaw system is incredibly easy to use -- the lock is released with an Allen key, the jaw is then removed and replaced by another, thereby eliminating incorrect positioning and ensuring excellent repeatability. When in the locked position, the six sided form fit clamping is at maximum stability, providing high force and torque transmission.

The PRONTO system can be used in a wide variety of applications to adapt to any specific need. The features and benefits include:

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