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New Digital Boring Head Easy to Configure, Optimize and Monitor Through App Connection

The precision and ruggedness of BIG KAISER boring heads deliver measurable performance advantages, significantly reducing finishing cost and cycle time. This is proven through the development of the EWE digital boring head.

The EWE boring head connects to BIG KAISER's user-friendly smartphone and tablet app, making it easier to monitor and configure the head while assembling and running boring tools.

As well as being able to read changes in cutting diameter, the app helps operators determine optimal cutting parameters from their tool assemblies.

The app also logs historical adjustments for all tools ever synced with it, providing essential information for companies adopting smart manufacturing.

Modern machines and manufacturing methods call for ever-improving, high-performance cutting tools. In addition to connectivity, EWE boring heads are designed for precision production boring on machining centers, jig mills, boring mills, transfer machines and high-speed milling machines. The fully enclosed, compact and rugged design allows reliable operation, even under extreme cutting conditions or with coolant.

BIG KAISER's EWE digital boring head can be seen in action at EMO 2017.

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