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Hybrid 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Center Combines Power Turret with 4-Axis Gang Tooling and 360° B-Axis for Complete Part Machining

The T8 Hybrid 9-axis twin spindle mill/turn center from Quicktech combines a 3-axis power turret and a 360° B-axis with a sub-spindle that features a 4-axis gang slide to enable complete machining of complex parts with a capacity of 38 tools. Quicktech machines are distributed in North America exclusively by Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.

The T8 Hybrid has two turning spindles and two live milling spindles. The 15-hp main spindle is available with either an 8", 3-jaw chuck providing 65mm (2.6") bar capacity, or a 60mm collet chuck that accommodates 60mm (2.4") bar stock. The 42mm (1.68") collet chuck of the sub-spindle accepts 32mm (1.28") bars.

Both main and sub-spindles feature full continuous C-axes and are synchronized for fast, accurate part transfer. The machine's Flexible Duo System allows two programs to be run simultaneously, reducing cycle time by up 45 percent. Maximum turning length for the main spindle is 345mm (13.8") and maximum turning length for the sub-spindle is 330mm (13.2").

The main spindle has a rigid 12-station, 3-axis BMT-55 live turret with a 5-hp spindle motor and 80mm of true linear Y-axis travel. The turret features fast servomotor indexing and rigid hydraulic clamping, and all 12 turret stations can be live. The sub-spindle's 4-axis gang tooling system operates in linear X-,Y-, and Z-axes plus a rotary 360° B-axis. The sub tool post features 5 O.D. turning tools, 9 I.D. turning tools and 12 live tools, powered by a 2-hp spindle motor and mounted in a continuous 360° B-axis. Rigid tapping is standard in both the turret and B-axis.

The T8 Hybrid is engineered for precision and durability. The machine frame and all major components are heavy Meehanite cast iron. The turret Y-axis is a true linear axis, perpendicular to the X-axis for maximum precision. Large 35mm Hiwin roller-type linear guideways in all linear axes provide stability and permit heavier machining.

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